I have always tried to achieve a balance between delicacy and strengths with the use of mediums I have been able to create artwork.

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The Man Has Lost His Marbles

The Man Has Lost His Marbles Pastel Drawing

Drawing depicts Donald Trump

Drawn 05/21/2017

Size 18″x 24″

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Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York I have masters degree in Fine Arts and Interior Design. Graduate from NYIT in 1977.Art has been a passion of mine in which I have channeled my energy and emotions for over the past 5 decades. With the use of brushes, oils, watercolors, pastels, strokes and color I have created an area in my life that I cannot enter into except for while creating art. There is balance between the delicacy and strength with the use of art mediums I have been able to extract art from my mind and soul. Thank you Michael J Palladino

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  1. federico monroy says:

    Hi Michael, congratulations on your weblog, Your painting are very inspiring and I see lots of craziness and emotions there. That make me wonder if all those ” cold technical drawings ” you did for a long time in your early days, had any influence on your playful style you do now?

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